Support for Screen Industry Organisations

Docklands Studios is developing into an important screen hub for industry organisations.

New Advertising Appeals to Local Filmmakers

It’s great to see more local filmmakers considering the Studio as an alternative to filming on location.

Grips got a grip on some incredible kit at Docklands Studios today

The Studios hosted the unveiling of an impressive new piece of kit from Flycam today in Stage 4.

Wrap up the Lot

A cross-section of productions have shot at the Docklands Studios lately.

A Decade of Production at Docklands Studios

A film noir-themed event in Stage 5 set the scene for the Studio’s 10th Anniversary celebrations.

Incentives and State Government Support

Minister for Innovation, Louise Asher MP reiterated State Government support at the Studio’s 10-year celebration.

Intriguing visitors at the Studios

Over the past two months we’ve had a lot of high profile people at Docklands Studios.

Docklands Studios Servicing a Cross Section of Screen Productions

Today is significant, as the busiest filming day the Studios has experienced since the Government took over its management in 2008.