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    Stage 3

Stage 3 features

Stage 3 is NantStudios’ Flexible LED Volume and Vehicle Process Stage

  • 929 sqm (10,000 sqft)
  • Grid Height: 9.7 m (32 ft)
  • LED Volume Dimensions: 17m wide x 21m long x 8m tall (56ft wide x 69ft long x 26ft tall)
  • Silent Air Conditioning
  • Soundproof (sound attenuation of 50dB(a) minimum)
  • “I” beam grid system and catwalks above LED volume allow a uniform distribution load of 480 kilograms per sqm (98 lbs per sqft)
  • For further information contact info@nantstudios.com

Annex building

Ground floor back-of-house (included in stage hire)

  • Office / wardrobe
  • Make-up room
  • 2 ‘star’ dressing rooms
  • Green room
  • Loading bay
  • Kitchenette
  • Showers & bathrooms

Upper floor production offices (separate hire)

  • Large partitioned office (total 300 sqm/3,228 sqft)
  • Kitchen and bathrooms

Docklands was a really great one-stop shop.

Leigh Whannell · Director


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