Melbourne Film and TV Industry Enters a New Era

Melbourne’s screen industry has entered a new era with the opening of the city’s first super-sized sound stage.

Work begins on Stage 6

Construction has begun on our new super stage, which will boost Melbourne’s position as one of the world’s most competitive screen cities.


Good news for the screen industry! One of the world’s top broadcast service providers is coming to Docklands Studios.

Studio expansion positions Melbourne as world competitive screen city

A new super sound stage and a partnership with Hollywood veteran Dick Cook will supercharge Victoria’s screen industry, injecting millions of dollars into the economy and supporting hundreds of new jobs.

Busy times ahead for Victoria’s screen crew

Just days after the announcement that Docklands Studios will house a ten-part production of Shantaram for Apple TV, comes news that our five sound stages will also see action on a streaming series for Netflix.

Victoria wins as major US series commences production

Having recently farewelled US TV series Preacher, Docklands Studios Melbourne welcomesanother major US series – this time a 10-part adaptation of best-selling novel Shantaram.

Melbourne on show in cult US series

“Super professional” is how Preacher showrunner Sam Catlin has described Victorian film crew who worked on his sprawling production at Docklands Studios this year.

A year in the life of DSM

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Victorian Government attracts major US TV series, delivering $50m boon for Victoria | The Preacher

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