Childhood’s End: NBC Universal’s adaptation of the Arthur C. Clarke’s 1953 novel; a gripping SciFi miniseries that wrapped at the Studios earlier this year, will air on US networks soon.

Oddball: The Studio was recently home to six fairy penguins and two Maremma sheepdogs during the making of this true family story. To save his daughter’s job, an eccentric chicken farmer (Shane Jacobson) collaborates with his granddaughter (Coco Gillies) to implement a controversial idea – to use a troublemaking dog to protect an endangered penguin colony. We can’t wait to see Oddball in cinemas this September.

The Dressmaker: The costume bays in the Studio’s workshop were a vintage fashion bounty when Kate Winslet and Liam Hemsworth were on the Lot. Based on Rosalie Ham’s bestselling novel, The Dressmaker is the story of femme fatale Tilly Dunnage (Kate Winslet) who returns to her rural hometown to right the wrongs of the past. This stylish drama, with its comic undertones about love, revenge and haute couture will be in cinemas 1 October.