• Wrap up the Lot

    A cross-section of productions have shot at the Docklands Studios lately. Highlights include:

    • International feature film, The Moon and The Sun, starring Pierce Brosnan, Fan Bing Bing and William Hurt recreated Versailles at the Studio with elaborate palace interiors and a fantastical mermaid grotto. The grotto featured Stage 1’s water pit and was the first time the pit has been fully used for wet filming.
    • Australian feature film, Oddball recreated a piece of Victoria’s coastline in Stage 4, overcoming the challenge of having to film at night with children and animals on a real beach. For two weeks the Studio played host to 6 fairy penguins, two Maremma sheepdogs and their assorted handlers.
    • Director and writer, Ben Chessell (Offspring) and Lawrence Leung’s (House Husbands) Australian feature, Sucker filmed here in May. Sucker is card swindling comedy starring Lily Sullivan, John Luc, Kat Stewart and Timothy Spall.
    • Television drama, Channel 7′s, Winners & Losers moved into filming its 4th  series.
    • Live-audience television, Channel 9′s, Millionaire Hot Seat and The Footy Show continue in Stage 5.
    • We’ve also seen more diverse projects at the Studios in the first half of 2014 including Kylie Minogue’s music video, a Coles television commercial for Heston Blumenthal’s product range and Mimco’s stunning runway for the Virgin Melbourne Fashion Festival.

    The Docklands team is excited to see the Spierig Brothers’ sci-fi thriller, Predestination (filmed in-part at Docklands Studios) opening the Melbourne International Film Festival (MIFF) on 31 July.

    Currently, the Studios is supporting an ambitious local project called Restoration starring Nadia Townsend and Grant Cartwright . It’s 40 minute 3-part sci-fi mini-series set in the near future that tells the story of a man, Oliver Klein, who awakes with his memories restored into a body that is not his own. Restoration is the first online film content made at the Studios.

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