Working at Docklands Studios was amazing; a very state of the art facility. The offices were great, the stages could handle everything that we seemed to be able to write, so it was fantastic. I actually took the tram to work most days from my hotel – the free tram! (Sam Catlin, Showrunner)

Sam Catlin admits he knew nothing about Melbourne until he landed at Docklands Studios to film the final ten episodes (Season 4) of the cult TV series.

Catlin soon fell in love with the city and described working in Melbourne as ‘one of the best times of his life’.

When it was filmed in 2018-19, Preacher was the biggest budget television production to come to Victoria since Steven Spielberg’s The Pacific in 2007.

The production was based at Docklands Studios and featured a Melbourne-based plotline, showcasing iconic locations in the city and regional Victoria to a potential audience of more than 100 million in the US alone.

The project was supported by Film Victoria’s Incentives Program and the Australian Government’s Location Incentive program in collaboration with Ausfilm.

Based on DC Comics’ supernatural comic book series, Preacher follows a conflicted preacher who, during a crisis of faith, gains extraordinary power.
Preacher was produced by Sony Pictures Television and Playmaker Studios and developed by writer and producer Sam Catlin (Breaking Bad) with executive producers Evan Goldberg and Seth Rogen.

It is screened on AMC in the United States and STAN in Australia.