Vintage TV cameras were brought in complete the 70s look

A small-budget horror film shot entirely at Docklands Studios has finally hit the big screen in the United States with some impressive box office numbers.

Following a March 22 release, Late Night With the Devil has summoned US$6.25M from more than 1,400 theatres and is sitting comfortably at #7 at the box office in its second week.

Late Night With the Devil was filmed in late 2022 in stage 5 – our dedicated television studio operated by Gravity Media Australia.

Set designer Otello Stolfo made the most of the pre-existing set up such as studio lights, audience seating and shiny floor.

Co-director Colin Cairnes explained: “Everyday it felt like walking into a time capsule. It felt like we actually were in TV studio in downtown Manhattan in 1977. It really helped bring the film to life.

“For cast and crew to have a sense of what it would have been like, to get that extra layer of verisimilitude if I can use that word, was fantastic.

“It was also the fact that we had all those facilities there for the art department, for hair and make-up, for wardrobe, the star rooms. All those facilities were first class and I know that our cast loved working there. The fact we were all in the same building and we were all a one minute walk from each other, it just made our lives that much easier.”

Audience seating in Stage 5

Late Night With The Devil, which Colin Cairnes wrote and directed with his brother Cameron, shows what goes wrong when fictional 1970s TV talk show host Jack Delroy (David Dastmalchian) invites a demonic presence into the studio for a Halloween special.

Australian cinema audiences can see for themselves what all the fuss is about from April 11.