Docklands Studio’s Workshop is available for hire – with or without sound stages.

The Workshop is the best and most flexible facility in Melbourne to support:

  • All art department activities (set construction, props manufacture and wardrobe)
  • Storage, stunt choreography and rehearsal
  • Extras casting
  • Production offices with or without sound stage hire

The Workshop building is over 6,000 sq metres in total, with eight bays of varying sizes. The five furnished mezzanine offices total 700 sq metres, are air-conditioned and fully equipped with phone and IT services.

There is easy access for deliveries and transportation around or off the lot.  Each bay is self-contained, with separate, secure access for vehicles and staff. Docklands is five minutes from the city centre and is close to all major motorways in and out of the city.

Clients including The Moon and The Sun, Predestination, Never Tear Us Apart, Son of a Gun and Partisan have benefited from the diverse features of the Workshop building.

Workshop specifications

The Workshop comprises eight bays of varying sizes that can be hired individually or as a whole. The five mezzanine offices are fully equipped with phone and IT services.

Other Features

  • Bay 3 is equipped with dust extraction and an air compressor.
  • Bays 3 and 4 have paint wash stations and fume extraction.
  • Bays 6 and 7 have adjoining laundries.

Electrical – 32 Amp and 50 Amp three phase outlets and 10 Amp and 15 Amp single phase outlets throughout the workshops.

  • Download Workshop Ground Floor

  • Workshop
    m2 (ft 2)
    Bay 1
    750m2 (8,070f2)
    Bay 2
    360m2 (3,875f2)
    Bay 3
    2,215m2 (23,835f2)
    Bay 4
    1,120m2 (12,050f2)
    Bay 5
    450m2 (4,840f2)
    Bay 6
    660m2 (7,100f2)
    Bay 7
    365m2 (3,930f2)
    Bay 8
    250m2 (2,690f2)
    6,170m2 (66,390f2)
  • Mezzanine Offices
    m2 (ft 2)
    Bay 3
    170 (1,830)
    Bay 4
    95 (1,020)
    Bay 5
    165 (1,775)
    Bay 6
    140 (1,505)
    Bay 7
    180 (1,940)
    750 (8,070)
  • Warehouse Building Mezzanine